"I love how much time I save writing 'celeb' instead of 'celebrity.'" -- someone on Twitter

Some cool things about ghostwriting for celebrities and noteworthy people: 

1) Diving right into someone's life.

2) Imitating their voice (I'm talking written voice, but I've made my go at an impersonation or two).

The bad thing about it:

I don't get to tell anyone! I can't tackle my friend in a Barnes & Noble or fwd a link to an article and say "See how Liam Neeson* wrote this? He didn't write this. I wrote this" and follow it up with lines from Taken, Taken 2, Taken 3, and Taken on a Plane (I don't think that's what that movie was called).

*I have not ghost-written for Liam Neeson, but call me, and I'd be happy to change that and throw in John Oliver** as the example in the prior paragraph instead.

**I've not written for John Oliver either. I wish.