Hi, I’m Roo Ciambriello (ch ch ch sounds).

I’m zero percent Italian; don’t be fooled by the last name. (Actually hapa; NPR's got the details.)

I write copy for packaging + websites, articles for publications, and itty bitty one-liners for the inside of fortune cookies. (Hi. Nice hair. Eat the cookie.)

I help companies develop their brand identities and grow awareness. You can find my words on packaging in Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, Petco, Nordstrom, Stop & Shop, Publix, Price Chopper, y mucho mas.

I run a couple of websites, and this statement probably sounds less creepy than it would have in 2001. You can check them out under the Portfolio page.

I’ve started every darn paragraph in this section with “I.”

Mmmphhh… I live in New Haven, and spend my days converting pizza and slow jams into stories.